Effects of Taking Weight Training Supplements Essay example

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Effects of Taking Weight Training Supplements Resistance training is hard work and requires a lot of energy and juices out of the human body, which cannot be replenished as fast as desired; however, there is a solution to the soreness and the slow path to gaining muscle mass: Weight-Training/Performance supplements. Athletes across the world take performance supplements every day typically in some form of protein supplement, whether it be whey protein or protein derived from vegetables or soy-based. The determination of whether such supplements that are not regulated by the FDA have more positive effects than negative is still a considerable debate; although, the effects cannot be denied after ingestion. The positive effects of supplement …show more content…
Supplement use is considered a must-have for most, if not all athletes and weight-trainers who perform strenuous activities on a daily basis and are looking for muscle mass gain along with an advancement in skill so that they can continue to improve their performance and appearance. Thus further showing that resistance training can reap greater benefits such as increased muscle mass when using supplementation over not using any supplements at all. Not only is there an increase in lean muscle mass but studies have shown that there is a decrease in body fat when consuming whey protein with resistance training. An excerpt from a randomized human clinical study: “Subjects taking Prolibra lost significantly more body fat and showed a greater preservation of lean muscle compared to subjects consuming the control beverage. Because subjects taking Prolibra lost 6.1% of their body fat mass, and because a 5% reduction of body fat mass has been shown to reduce the risk of obesity related disease, the results have practical significance.”(MNT, 2013). Prolibra is a dietary supplement considered as a whey fraction, which is not as raw as pure whey protein isolate that is used for larger muscle mass gains. In this study it went to show

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