Persuasive Essay On Creatine

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Creatine Why do people workout? People usually workout because they are in a sport. In sports strength and endurance are vital. Working out helps an athlete to become better at sports. This is why many sports teams have early morning workouts and late night practices. This is usually widely practiced among teams through high school sports all the way to professional sports, it’s one of the best ways to become better. What other kinds of people workout?Normal people also workout to gain the physical look they are trying to achieve or to just to stay healthy. People achieve good health by working out and by keeping the body in shape by running and lifting weights.While staying active in the gym it keeps health problems and obesity chances …show more content…
Creatine inflates cells in the body and stimulates the protein process. The body absorbs more water when taking creatine.When I took Creatine when I first began lifting I gained 7 pounds over 3 weeks. My arms, legs, chest, and shoulders grew around a inch or 2. I physically looked more muscular. There 's one negative that can happen when taking creatine. Creatine needs more water in the body, if not your body will become very dehydrated causing stress on your liver. Liver problems can be caused if you don’t drink enough water. My recommendation for a person taking creatine is to at least drink 1 to 1 and half gallons of water. When I drank the recommended amount of water I had no issues or hurting feelings from my liver. In conclusion people looking to become stronger and physically more muscular should take creatine. Creatine does this by increasing stamina in weightlifting , being able to sprint faster, and just overall longer endurance. Also helps recovery of the work out by reducing cell damage and inflammation of the body after the workout.Also increase weight and physical look in beginning of taking creatine. Helps stimulate protein synthesis which is how the body repairs and becomes

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