Essay on Education in America

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United States of America was the elite in virtually everything, but that concept has been recently challenged by many other industrial nations in the world. For instance, the United States has fumbled to fifth place, from first in 2008, “in a global ranking of the world’s most competitive economies,” while Switzerland has a grid lock on third place, Singapore in second place, and Finland in fourth (HEILPRIN). Unfortunately, economy is the not the only sector that is crumpling down; the nation placed “14th in reading,” “17th in science,” and “25th in math” according to the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA, that measure academic ability of 15-year-old high school students across the globe ("USA TODAY"). Furthermore, …show more content…
The students have been pampered to the point that they do not find the necessity to become overachievers. Charles Sykes, author of Dumbing Down our Kids: Why America’s Children Feel Good about Themselves but Can’t Read, Write, or Add, points out that starting from the 90’s parents started to pay attention to their kids’ “self-esteem,” so parents started to pamper and lower their expectation for their children, and this behavior spread to the school (30). Schools adopt the behavior of pampering though the inflated grades and easy standardized test; therefore most students effortlessly pass their classes, and their self-esteem stay unharmed. Suddenly, failure and achievement become synonymous, and the kids start to falsely believe that they have the ability to do just about anything (Lutz 5). For example, an eighth grader, Andrea Richardson, was suspended from school for writing a “rude and disrespectful” letter to her science teacher. However, the letter was not meant to be rude, nor disrespectful, but Andrea meant to state her grievances about her science class. For the entire semester, the class took two tests, had three homework assignments, and did many experiments that range from “picking up cereal with tongue depressors,” “hunting for paper moths on a wall,” to drawing images of scientists and buildings (Sykes 6). As seen from this scenario, U.S placed in 25th for science

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