Earnest Hemingway Essay

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Earnest Hemingway was well known as a strong writer, but what many readers of his do not know about is the inspiration he gained throughout his life and experiences that made him a very prolific writer. There are events in his life from childhood to adulthood that helped accustom to his very unique style of writing. Hemingway was a different kind of writer than others; he often used reoccurring words of specific diction in order to create an effect on the reader. Every single one of his books were based off of something, as Hemingway was not the type of writer who sat in a log cabin writing all day. Hemingway was a man of great experiences, and his life was full of many inspirations that had helped attribute to his novels and unique …show more content…
Also, during Hemingway’s childhood, his family had owned a summer home in Michigan where Hemingway had eventually started to get very exposed to different outdoors aspects. Hemingway learned a lot while he was living at his summer house from his father. His father was teaching him multiple outdoor activities while living at this house, including camping, fishing, and occasionally hunting. Learning these outdoor activities had started fueling Hemingway’s views and interests of nature, which had really helped his ideas and though process while writing in his later life. So, from viewing Hemingway’s childhood, we can see that his parents were big influences on his writing style as well as writing structure. Later in Hemingway’s life, he continued to write and easily passed his English and literature classes throughout high school. Once he had graduated from high school, he sought out a job as a journalist, where he claimed to have learned the basic foundation he had used for anything he had wrote. You can find examples of this basic foundation he has used in a lot of the dialogue he writes in his writings and stories. “Use short sentences. Use short paragraphs. Use vigorous English. Be positive, not negative.” (Hemingway). In a Farewell to Arms there are many examples of this so called basic foundation he uses, where he has many reoccurring short sentences. “I

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