Early Childhood Professions Essay

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Professions in early childhood development are unique in such a way because not many other career paths involve the direct care of an individual. Law enforcement personal, doctors, nurses, EMT’s all help people in extraordinary ways but the early childhood field often involves the direct care and supervision of a young child for many months on end and very intimate and caring relationship often develop over the course of the care takers term of service (C, 2011)
. It is because of this very intimate and detail oriented care that it is imperative and a huge challenge that the early childhood professional keep current with new changes and updated procedure in the field. According to Jean Piaget there are four stages of cognitive
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Just a few of the ever expanding expectations child providers are faced with today are the demand for full year service, early literacy learning, and the increased use of technology. It is hard not to notice that the American family has evolved drastically over the last 50 years and now it is quite common for both parents to have careers in order to provide a safe and stable home for their family, which in turn has created demanding schedules for their lifestyles. Much research has shown that the earlier a young child is exposed literacy the better chances this child will excel in many areas of their academic future and there are now many programs being continually developed with the sole goal of preparing children to learn how to read. The insurgence of technology into American culture over the last decade has provided amazing technological advances in computers, phones, and even children’s toys. Not until recently have childhood professionals seen that these advances in technology don’t only provide fun toys for adults to play with but have become aware of all the different ways these technologies can be used as 21st century teaching and learning devices. I personally remember being a young child and I had a computer toy called “Speak & Spell”, I remember spending hours and hours spelling because it was such a new and unique format, quite simply it was fun. Nowadays devices like the ipad have hundreds of “apps” which

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