Dominance of Males in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart

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Dominance of Males in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart

One approach to understanding a culture entails an investigation of its art. By studying the art of multiple cultures, recurrent themes may help to define universal attributes of human nature. With this premise in mind, an obvious corollary suggests that the few similarities between highly disparate cultures may be particularly exemplary of humankind. Cultural differences become readily apparent when a technologically advanced society subdues one that is less advanced, such as what occurred during the European colonization of Africa. Joseph Conrad's famous novella Heart of Darkness deals with
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Beyond that, both stories feature ominously uncontrollable women. These sorceress-like women impress and intimidate men with their mysticism, causing men to perpetuate their grandeur so that they become personified deities.

Under the circumstances that men regard women as either inferior or superior to themselves, one may conclude that men naturally seek to control women and justify their inability to control some because of their holier-than-thou qualities.

In Heart of Darkness, Marlow, whose social values represent those of his real-life contemporaries, demonstrate how European men regard women as inferior beings. Without giving it much consideration, Marlow asserts his control over his aunt and his antagonist's former fiancée because of their secondary status as women. He visits his aunt before leaving for Africa, who believes he aims to enlighten the savages to civilized lifestyles. Although this is not his intent, he makes little effort to inform his aunt of his true ambitions in Africa. Instead, he ponders how her ignorance reflects all women:

It's queer how out of touch with truth women are. They live in a world of their own, and there had never been anything like it, and never can be. It is too beautiful

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