Disabilities in Youth Essay

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Disabilities in Youth Disabled children in the United States have been becoming more active throughout the years. They are showing interest in joining regular learning classrooms, rather than special education classes. Of course, there are many different types of disabilities, but if all disabled children become more active and interact with other children it will benefit the disabled child and his or her peers. It will teach them how to interact and learn from each other. District school boards should mainstream all disabled children into regular classrooms and activities. Three common misconceptions about people with handicaps have been a major factor in society. These misconceptions reflect the characteristics of …show more content…
For example, people may ask inappropriate questions, make fun of, or stare at disabled citizens. These misconceptions may decrease over time if children with disabilities are mainstreamed into classrooms. Being surrounded by people who have different disabilities would allow the world to realize the similarities between societies “normal” and disabled citizens. While conflicts continue to grow, statistics continue to increase with disabled Americans as more research is being done. In a 2006 study, 95 percent of disabled students, ages six to twenty one years old, were enrolled in regular classrooms and the other five percent were placed in a separate school for students with disabilities. About ten percent of students in the United States have a disability that requires special attention (“Fast Facts” par. 2). Most people with disabilities either suffer from trouble with classroom activities or trouble with body movements, more commonly known as learning and physical disabilities. Learning disabilities are not problems dealing with intelligence. “Learning disorders are caused by a difference in the brain that affects how information is received, processed, or communicated” (“Learning Disabilities” par. 2). As a result, these children may need to spend twice as much time on one problem than the average student. This disadvantage may require special attention, but should

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