Development Stages and Theory Essay

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Introduction Adolescence is the transition stage after childhood according to theories from researchers (Berk, 2010). Adolescents will encounter a number of distinctive developmental challenges which include coping with rapid changes in their bodies, managing their sexual importance, developing new affiliations, parent-child bonding and forecasting their academic and occupational expectations. Hence, this assignment will explore the physical and emotional developmental stages of human beings according to Erik Erikson’s theory, identification of two developmental issues in the given case study, the writer’s stage of development, and an overview of an article relating to the developmental stages.
Physical changes This
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This also contributes to the pain he has already suffered at school. Throughout this critical time, his needs for closeness and security from his parents to reduce his anxiety and loneliness are jeopardized, although he still spends time with his father separately during weekends in another town (Bulanda & Majumdar, 2009). Hence, the two issues that Marcus is experiencing are physical developmental changes, and changes in his emotional state. His self-esteem is low which makes him devote most of his time at home to watch television in order to escape from peers and study. On the other hand, watching television are sedentary activities and too much time spent in these activities may ultimately affect the physical and psychological health of adolescents (Ohannessian, 2009). Ohannessian (2009) also states that watching television excessively has been found to be linked with physical inactivity, increased weight, body fat, and declining grades during adolescence. If these conditions are left untreated, it may lead to poor cognitive performance and behavioural complications. Adolescent self-esteem, biological, social, and cognitive influences play a vital role in outgrowing maturity and forms a fundamental connection between childhood and adulthood.

Writer’s stage of development The writer is a 35 year old female who is, according to Erik Erikson, on the developmental stage of intimacy versus isolation. In

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