Essay about Destiny and Fate Synopsis

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Franklin Roosevelt once said: “Men are not prisoners of Fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” Destiny and fate are influential depending on the individual. Some may believe that there are multiple roles to these significant terms. Some scorn this phenomenon, such as the writer Douglas Coupland, who states in his book, Girlfriend in a Coma, “Destiny is what we work toward. The future doesn’t exist yet. Fate is for losers.” One may push themselves in order to attain their ideal future.

Fate, the belief that all things in time are already decided, is what guides us through our lives. It is the silent spectator to all we do, and continually spins our destinies to take shape. Such views may very well be correct, as fate, is
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Destiny is always promising in our minds, but why do we work towards it if our destiny may be cursed? Is it worth the chance?

To me, fate and destiny are nothing but a wise tale the mind fabricates to explain everyday events. The reality that everyone must work hard to achieve our aspirations and ambitions prove that neither exists at all. Moreover, each individual chooses the path they decide to take and it is ultimately up to that person. One’s choice should not be the scapegoat of destiny and fate, but instead the person should empathize that his or her actions have consequences and rewards, whether it is not failing to study for an exam or taking risks to get involved with their community and school. It is the individual’s responsibility how they take action, and one cannot cop out and hold destiny and fate accountable when it is their own doing. Destiny and fate do not influence our goals unless our destiny is premeditated and we are superstitious enough to believe in fate. I personally do not believe in the existence of fate as there is no greater force that controls the way our life will run its course. If fate existed, many decisions in our lives would lead unerringly to a positive outcome directly or indirectly. I believe that we have the right to decide how drastically we affect our lives, and the corresponding privilege of attempting to manipulate these any we can.

As I see it, fate and destiny are

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