Depleting Sustainable Resources Essay

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Depleting Sustainable Resources
In 1991, Somali had over 280,000 deaths by starvation after a five -year war depleted their food resources (Webersik 48). This developing country is one of many to experience similar catastrophes because of war. Developed countries such as Norway, United States, and Australia rely on natural resources and food resources to maintain a high standard of living (Mintzberg 4). Developing countries depend on these resources to survive. Competition between rich nations for scarce resources directly impacts the developing countries sustainability (Webersik 48). Developing countries must industrialize natural resources and globalize economies to flourish. War negatively affects developing countries by depleting
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The depletion of the natural resources in developing countries results in negative economic growth (Webersik 56). Negative economic growth means that a country is unable to industrialize, which makes sustainable living for these countries impossible. Somalia is one example of a developing nation; others include Haiti, Peru, and Cuba (Webersik 57). These countries cannot develop without natural resources. Countries at war risk the possibility to lose the most valuable sustainable resource-food (Ali and Lin 378). Human sustainability is directly correspondent to food security. During war, crops are destroyed and a decrease of farming population disrupts food production. This is a result of increase focus on war. According to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI 2002), the aftermath of war resulted in 24 million people in 28 countries with a food shortage (Ali and Lin 381). The indirect result of war may cost much more because productivity loss, income loss, malnutrition and poverty is most common (Ali and Lin 378). According to the United States Standing Committee on Nutrition (2004), inadequate nutrition can cause permanent damage to a child’s physical and mental development during the first few years of life (Ali and Lin 378). Food security should be given greater emphasis in order to maintain livelihood (Ali 378). In order for developing countries to sustain life, natural resources and food resources need to be readily available.

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