Department of Athletics Essay

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The department of athletics is a high demand, fast paced sport arena with hectic schedules and environments. Every activity on Pfeiffer’s campus as well as away games and events directly involves the department of sports medicine at Pfeiffer. Having an athletic department that clearly understands how to communicate between administrators, coaches, and support staff is critical to success on the field and off. The department of sports medicine continues to have an issue with scheduling procedures. The coaching staff fails to follow the 48-hour rule of communication causing an increase in responsibilities and hours of service for the athletic training staff. The Administrators must support the sports medicine department policies and …show more content…
Athletic trainers that work within the sports settings have schedules that are longer and variable by nature of the occupation. Pfeiffer athletic trainers are present for all team practices and competitions. These schedules can change on short notice, so measures must be taken to prevent fluctuations. This increase of hours and responsibilities will interfere or restrict the amount of time with family or personal affairs creating work family conflict. Pagnotta et al. reports that work family conflict contributes to high turnover according to the journal of athletic training. Key factors to work family conflict include long working hours, required travel, inadequate staffing, and lack of control over work schedules. (Pagnotta et a1. 94) Work-family conflict (Wfc) is a contributor to the high turnover at Pfeiffer. According to the head athletic trainer of Pfeiffer University, the institution has employed 12 different athletic trainers over a 10-year span, an average stay of 1.95 years of service. (Snook) The department of sports medicine understands that enforcing communication within a 48-hours notice will not the solely reduce turnover. It holds a substantial role in reducing fluctuations that cause long uncontrollable workdays. With the addition of the 48-hour rule, the athletic trainer will be better able to plan their daily activities as well as reduce the work family conflict by

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