Defining Political Psychology Essay

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Defining Political psychology
As progressively more accepted interdisciplinary and multi-method approach, which has now become a need of time, for interpreting in detail political phenomena at individual-level, the rapidly growing field of political psychology has made significant strides in illuminating the processes that are hidden behind the political affiliations, attitudes, feelings, decision making, behavior and above all in the interaction among the individual and group. For this reason, it is in a exceptional position to perk up the explanatory power of research in both psychology and political science that surrounds the national and international relations that either directly or indirectly deals with the individual psychology.
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Whereas from the discipline of political science it draws theory and research on leadership, mass political behavior, mass communication effect and political socialization etc.s
Political Psychology: as need of Pakistan As Pakistan is going through multiple number of crisis including inflation, load shedding, poor economy etc all these issues are badly affecting the people of Pakistan but besides this the politics of Pakistan in the current scenario where there are a huge number of political parties having different agendas of their own are creating a new source of crisis. The most heart teasing fact is that these parties have started targeting youth in order to achieve their political targets and youth in this regard is suffering. As Shahid Javed Bukhari (2013) writes in his article “The youth surge and Pakistani politics” that the youth has become the centre of gravity in the Pakistani political system as it has been moved from the old and tried to the aspiring young. So, the political psychology has become the need of hour in order to analyze and deal with the issues which are political in nature but are affecting the psychological and social well being of people specially the youth of Pakistan.most of the surveys conducted in this regard suggests that the main reason of multiple crisis Pakistanis are facing are due to the poor politics as in YouGov-Cambridge conducted surveys

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