Cyber Crime and Internet Influences Essay

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Introduction History affords for the realization that criminals have always existed. The only variable in their existence is time, which inevitable subjects them to initiate changes in their methodology, unique to every generation. Our generation exists in an error where the application of information communication technology as proliferated by the internet, has become part and parcel of our daily lives. The internet influences how we live, work and play as part of our daily routines. It is this inevitable quandary that has provided criminals with a new frontier for their activities; one that they can operate within with absolute stealth and the cunningness of a fox. This is the age of cyber criminals, individuals who specialize in …show more content…
How severe is the Threat Posed By Cybercriminals This section of the paper basically deals with the elucidation of the current trends with regard to cyber security. The US House of Representatives (2014), states that cyber security, or its lack thereof, is major national security issue of concern. Essentially, the threat of cyber-attacks is real, immediate and imminent, and is in a diverse way connected to the economy of the US and job creation processes (USHR, 2014). This essentially means that the threat posed by cybercriminals is not only affective on a personal level, it also extends to national levels, bringing with it legal and political ramifications. Deloitte (2010), in its review of the state of cyber security, affords that cybercrimes or criminals for that matter, have increased faster than cyber professionals can match. The fact of the matter is that cyber criminals have increased their understanding and usage of the internet, and typical cybercrime prevention techniques simply cannot keep up with the adeptness displayed by cyber criminals. The manner in which cyber criminals operate reveals their determination of maintaining low-level espionage on companies and organizations, including government departments and agencies such as the FBI and CIA. According to Deloitte (2010), this is a result of serious lack of awareness on part of IT professionals and complacency. As Deloitte (2010) continues to state, many companies and organizations are yet to comprehend

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