Dark Net Essay

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Dark Net
The Dark Net is a computer network with restricted access that is used chiefly for illegal peer-to-peer file sharing. The dark net is a dangerous place on the computer, but are you safe from it? There were a few questions I asked myself about the dark net. Can the police control the dark net? Should the community be worried about the information on the dark net? What is my opinion on the dark net?
The dark net is a place where visitors feel "safe", by being able to hide their internet protocol. The authorities like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are trying to minimize the quantity and quality of users on the dark net. Headline from The Intercept: "FBI Director Claims Tor and the 'Dark Web ' Won 't Let Criminals Hide From His Agents" proves that the FBI can
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Tor is a program that lets you hide your internet protocol address (Koul, 2012). This program is beneficial to the users using it for non-illegal reasons(allow activists to communicate to organize protests and avoid government, secure online banking, users who don’t want advertisers to store information on them) (Koul, 2012). After reading some reasons how Tor is beneficial doesn’t justify it existing. The harm that Tor is doing is allowing people to get away with doing illegal acts and making it hard to locate them. I think Tor should be shut down and start shutting down programs that let you hide your internet protocol address. Unfortunately I think that programs like Tor will hypothetically never go away and someone will be working on a new program to hide your internet protocol address. The two articles I have read "The dark side of the Internet" and "How the World 's Police are Taking on the Dark Net" prove that the authorities are handling the situation properly and minimizing the illegal activities (Howell O’Neill, 2015) (Koul, 2012). I am pleased at how they are arresting the users of the dark net more and

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