Cultural Communication Essay

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Culture can be defined as, “learned behaviors that are communicated from one generation to another to promote individual and social structure” (Communication; Making Connections, 44). In other words, information and behavior that is appropriate to where we live, where we have come from, and the traditions of those places are handed down along generations to insure that they continue. These behaviors help us identify who we are and who our ancestors were. American culture is an eclectic combination of many races from all over the world coming together to create a culture unlike those found anywhere else. A very different culture can be found in Eastern Europe, specifically the culture found in France. Considering the events that lead up to …show more content…
( In other words, if a person lived in France, he or she was French. It was not until recently that French government granted any remarkable rights or privileges to ethnic minorities
The French Revolution also had a dramatic affect on the age-old class system. Legal privileges that had been enjoyed by the nobility and clergy were extended to legal equality among all citizens. This, however, did not end the great barriers between social groups. In fact, it was not until after World War II that this social order changed with the post war economic expansion spreading to a larger number of the French population. Today, success, power, and money are much more important than birth in determining social status. Even with these economic advances, there are still many divisions among the classes. Politicians, business leaders, wealthy families, and senior civil servants still have a strong hold on the levels of power. The middle class is dividing into two different and distinct groups: the senior executives and professionals, and the growing mass of retail, food service, and clerical workers. The number of blue-collar workers has declined in recent years from industrial jobs to those in service jobs.
Americans do not have as rigid of a social structure. While there are the few financially elite, most American millionaires are self-made. They can be CEO’s of major corporations, celebrities, inventors and politicians. The

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