What You Think Intercultural Communication By Kate Garvis

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1) What you think Intercultural Communication means and how does the ideas Nate Garvis presents in the video relate to that?
• Intercultural Communication is a method of communication that focuses on transmitting information from one culture to another. Intercultural Communication can be used to break down geographical borders and psychological borders when it comes to understanding other cultures. According to the Human Resource Management Review, members of global virtual teams do not travel to new locations for meetings, may interact frequently with culturally diverse others, and experience moderate disruptions to their nonwork routines. An example of how Intercultural Communication may be used in a business environment is when an American
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In order to lead a successful global business operation, companies would need to break down languages barriers and be considerate of other countries cultures and customs, mannerisms, and gestures. Lack of cultural understanding negatively affects how people communicate with each other. Different cultures have different ideologies, gender views, and beliefs in politics. If a company does not do intense research about a country’s cultural views, then it is most likely that there will be misguided information which “can lead to friction in cross border interactions, lost sales, and a host of other serious problems that may jeopardize competitiveness” (Neeley, T., & Kaplan, R. S, pg. 70, 2014). In addition to that, lack of cultural understanding can lead to the people of the countries feeling insulted or judged for their way of …show more content…
An example of where a lack of understanding from a cultural point of view has affected the United States is religion. What I have notice when I came to America is that people practice the same religion, but in different ways depending on where they came from. Catholic is one of the most practice religions in the world. After living in America for over 15 years, I have noticed that there is a lot of criticism when it comes to religion. One of the biggest differences between Vietnamese American and Americans is their Catholic beliefs. Due to the differences in the way people practice religion can come with disagreements and disputes over what is ethical and what is not. For example, one of the customs of Vietnam is practicing exorcisms during mass. In my hometown in Texas, this practice was frowned upon. People in my town thought that we were doing conjuring spirits, but we were doing the opposite. Our practice was a healing process, basically a cleansing of the soul from disease, sickness, and impure thoughts. When the Vietnamese community came together to have mass, we were often forced out of churches because of our way of life. As a young child, I can remember my mother holding prayer sessions at my house because we had nowhere else to

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