Cryptography and Network Security Essay

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Cryptography is the science of writing in secret code and is an ancient art. Cryptography has a long and fascinating history. Its use has been traced back to as early as 4000 years ago. Cryptography was used as a tool to protect national secrets and strategies. To understand the subject of cryptography, its history must also be explored. Cryptography exists in many different forms. There are many cryptographic algorithms. There are a numerous amounts of different types of cryptography. All these different types of cryptography have reasonable uses in the world. One key area where cryptography is used is in network security.
HISTORY & TYPES OF CRYPTOGRAPHY The history of cryptography is outstanding. Cryptography has
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SKC Algorithms Used Today: Some of the common SKC Algorithms in today’s use
• Data Encryption Standard (DES) – Most common SKC method used today. DES was originally designed by IBM in the 1970's. It was later adopted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology in 1977 for commercial and unclassified government applications.
• Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – AES uses an SKC method using a block cipher designed by Belgian cryptographers. The algorithm uses a variable block length and key length. It allows any combination of keys lengths of 128, 192, or 256 bits and blocks of length 128, 192, or 256 bits.
• CAST-128/256 – Is a DES like substitution-permutation algorithm. It employs a 128-bit key operating on a 64-bit block. CAST-256 is an extension which uses a 128-bit block size and a variable length key. CAST-256 was one of the Round 1 algorithms in the AES process.
PUBLIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPH (PKC) – Uses one key for encryption and another for decryption
Public Key Cryptography has been claimed to be the most significant new cryptographic development. PKC depends on the existence of mathematical functions that are easy to compute but their inverse function required being more difficult to compute. PKC uses two keys that are mathematically related. However, the knowledge of one of the keys does not allow someone to easily determine

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