Cruelty Towards Women Essay

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Introduction The phone calls usually come late at night, near the end of my shift. Barley audible, a voice packed with emotion asks, "Is there room in the shelter," she is in danger and needs help. "Have you called the police," I know before she can answer, she has not. They never want to call the police; there is usually a reason, fear, children, or time. "[A]s many as 50 percent of homeless women and children are fleeing domestic violence,"(UNITED STATES v. MORRISON 2000). This assignment offers me the opportunity to understand the laws protecting battered persons and children and gives me the ability to offer better, more sound advice. I suspected domestic violence was a wide spread problem, when I read the following statistics I …show more content…
I remember the discussions, at home and within the community about the first wife to bring rape charges against her husband. There was disbelief that such things would be discussed publicly. How dare she bring this out in the open, how could he be so cruel? Then, with more interviews with Friedan and Steinem, newscasters reviewing the new VAWA laws, I noticed a change in attitude, cruelty towards woman would no longer be considered the victims fault and attitudes had changed.
Missouri Legislation The Missouri revised Statutes, Chapter 455 Abuse--Adults and Children--Shelters and Protective Orders, Section 455.050 is a list of possible legal protections available to someone who is in eminent danger of abuse, threatened with abuse, or stalked. It is a temporary measure, ordering the respondent to vacate jointly occupied property and have no contact electronically or in person with the victim, it will not allow surveillance of the petitioner in any form. An order of protection will stand until a court hearing can evaluate the case and order a full order of protection that may in addition, establish visitation, maintenance, order payment for medical care, emergency housing, and food as needed due to abuse. Those involved may not destroy or sell personal

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