Essay about Coqui Frogs in the Big Island

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Ko-kee, ko-kee... are the mating calls of invasive Coqui frogs who have invaded a majority of the Big Island. These Coqui frogs, also known as Eleutherodactylus coqui are native in Puerto Rico and these small frogs are considered their national animal (Singer et al). Coqui frogs were accidentally introduced to Hawaii during a shipment of plants from Puerto Rico to Hawaii in the late 1980's. Coqui frogs are about 2 inches in length and are usually light brown or gray with a stripe down their back. Over the past two decades E. coqui have spread to the four main Hawaiian Islands and other places such as the Caribbean, Florida, and Louisiana (Singer et al). As of today, the Coquis intensive mating calls can be heard throughout every part of …show more content…
The frogs are quite adaptable to the different surroundings and elevations in the state of Hawaii, they have been found from sea level to 4,000 feet elevation and even at sites in Volcanoes. Also if snakes are accidentally introduced into Hawaii's ecosystem their potential food source would be coqui frogs causing them to thrive in Hawaii since there is already a large quantity of coqui frogs they can eat (Beard et al). Having snakes in Hawaii will lead to rigorous issues concerning the safety of people. When tourists check into Hawaii resorts, they are usually looking for a peaceful stay with soothing sea sounds, not the piercing mating calls of the coqui frogs from dusk until dawn (Rather). Hotel management is so worried that the frogs will scare away customers since they are capable of intruding into the resort with their quarter sized body (Beard et al). When coqui frogs are very young they start out to be very tiny and quick, this gives them the advantage of hiding through even smaller places. The sounds of coqui frogs can even send hotel guests packing home from sleep deprivation. There would be reduced profit for plant nurseries since plant sales will decrease due to the infestation of coqui frogs many buyers assume

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