Connotations of Antigone Essay

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Sibling rivalry has been taken to a whole new level. Brothers have been brutally murdered by one another; whose side to take? Is there a way to stay true to both of them? It is hard to grieve without the additional stress of choosing a side when there is a death in the family. Two of the closest members of a family are ripped out at an instant. At the funeral, the family notices that only one brother is there to be buried. Everyone questions this, “Where is Polynices”? Answers are not found, but then word gets through that because of his exile, Polynices, will not be formally buried, but will suffer even in his after-life. The government is not sparing anyone with the laws that are set forth. Will his lifeless body be left out to rot in …show more content…
“Ism: How could I, O daring in thy mood, in this our plight or doing or undoing, aught avail?” In order to connote this, the text must be understood. Ismene is telling her sister that she is being daring in their hard times. She is suggesting that it would be noble of her to do this deed, but it is not a good time for her to be so radical. Her attempts are focused solely on keeping her life the way it is, she is neither focused on her brother or the harm done to him by their uncle, Creon. Her aim is to restrict Antigone’s actions by appealing to her logical instinct, but Antigone is not willing to accept this. Ismene is aware of the failed attempts, so in order to still be somewhat loyal to her family she tells her sister that she will not tattle about her efforts to bury their brother. Antigone is so sure of her actions and does not want her honesty to be hidden as if it is a sin so she replies with,” Ant: Speak out! I bid thee. Silent thou wilt be more hateful to me than if thou shouldst tell my deed to every man.” Sophocles, in the beginning of the play, is setting the connotation for these characters so that the reader will understand the characters positions of honesty to themselves and their families. Antigone knows that if her actions lie unknown it will not truly be dedication to her dead brothers. She is no longer trying to coerce

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