Computer Science Info-Age and Ethics Essay example

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Computer Science Info-Age and Ethics

New times bring new crimes. It's a story as old as humanity and as new
as the Internet. First come cars, and then car thieves. Telephones are
followed by telephone fraud.

Now we've got computers . . ..

To make home, school, and office life easier, society relies on
computers. As a result of this dependency, computer use grows
everyday. Along with the growing use of computers comes widespread
computer crime. With the Internet becoming increasingly popular, more
and more people are becoming computer literate, and networks are
becoming more readily accessible. The rise in computer crime can
easily be blamed upon the increasing number of users. The Internet
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There are six common types of characterised computer attacks by my

· Military/Intelligence Attacks

· Business Attacks

· Financial Attacks

· Terrorist Attacks

· Grudge Attacks

· Reasonless Attacks

How are computer crimes committed? Break-in methods include altering
input, theft of computer time, software theft, data theft/modification
and output theft. Software theft is a large problem in the software
industry. Not only does software theft contribute to loss of sales,
but it also adds to the spread of computer viruses. Two examples of
software theft are the production of illegal copies of software and
the creation of software used to break into systems. Data theft is
another way of committing a computer crime. Various techniques are
used to commit computer crimes including a trapdoor, round down,
salami, masquerading, and eavesdropping. Masquerading relates to
software theft. By using a legitimate user's login name and password
to gain access to a computer system, a criminal could masquerade as
you on your UOB user area, use your printer credits and even steal
your work. We also should always be extremely cautious about releasing
any important information on the web. Even secured transactions are
not always safe from fraud, as tools used to break into computer
systems can be obtained easily. Many can be found…

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