Essay about Completive Rates or Financial Debt

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Many people feel when an elected President comes into office everyone has high hopes and dreams for a better future. The American people are depending upon a leader to guide them out of a recession. However, when Barrack Obama stepped into office with an idea strategy to rejuvenate the economy. President Barrack Obama expressed that broadband adoption was one of many factors in enhancing the economy or on the contrary, a competition with other countries. In order to understand what really matters, is our nation’s debt to foreign countries should be the main focus?
My opposition argues the point of what should be the priority focus for our nation. According to Sam Diaz, author of “Obama: “It is unacceptable that the United States ranks
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Paul Ryan, said Obama was failing to address America’s biggest challenge: debt crisis. “He’s making it worse, not better.” Our nation needs financial security. Metaphor ably speaking, when homeowners lose their home to foreclosures it is because the homeowners cannot afford the mortgage. The homeowners are in debt and unable to pay their mortgage. Therefore, financial debt leads homeowners into bankruptcy, repossession, or estate auction. In scenario, United States is stair climbing into debt each year. America has been living above revenue and presently in a financial crisis. The United States government borrows money from foreigners in order to compensate its bills. According to Brian Cashell, “Deficit represents the additional borrowing required in each year to bridge the gap between tax revenues and spending overlays.” Hurst states, “As a matter of perspective, the 2011 budget deficit is forecast to hit $1.65 trillion, the highest on record. Overall U.S. government indebtedness is now $14.1 trillion.” This is an overwhelming debt for the American people. In a political perspective, the United States will lose favor and confidence with other countries that has stood by America in

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