Communism and Dictatorship Essay example

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Communism and Dictatorship

Communism and Dictatorship are both examples of a government with full control. A government who can convince its people what it wants whether it is correct or not is a government with control. George Orwell's 1984, is a perfect example of a government's control over a society. In this novel, Winston Smith, a citizen of Oceania, questions his government's rule and purpose, but finds himself taught to accept and obey Big Brother, the government's rule. Big Brother has gained control of Oceania by controlling every citizen's daily life. Big Brother has obtained this control by influencing family life, re-writing and erasing history, and inflicting extreme laws. Family life in the society of 1984 would
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The government had control in families in another major way. Since you were never actually in love with your spouse and family did not evolve around love and caring one another, people looked to the government to fulfill these emotional needs. Which is exactly what the government wanted because they felt people would trust them if they were considered their family. It is no coincidence the government was referred to as Big Brother. To say Big Brother used tough laws to control the people would be an understatement. One example of this is the Thought Police. The Thought Police enforce people's actions and what people thought. The moment they see someone is expressing themselves in ways you shouldn't be, which in Oceania is called a thoughtcrime, especially going against government ideas, they find you and arrest you. You never know who a member is either, it can be anyone you meet and will betray you at anytime. Another way Big Brother watched the citizens for any wrongdoing was constant surveillance.
"There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment…You had to live-did live, from habit that became instinct-in the assumption that every sound you made was overhead, and except in darkness, every movement scrutinized."(6)
This shows how the government controlled society even when they were in the "privacy" of there own home. Big brother was always eyeing them, making sure everyone obeyed Big

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