Communication in Business Essay

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Communication in Business

Businesses need to communicate with a range of different individuals and organisations. Good communication allows a business to be run efficiently.

Method of communication:

External communication: This is communication which takes place outside of the business, such as communication to customers or other businesses. Ways of external communication are: e-mail, television, advertisements, magazines, leaflets.

Internal communication: This is communication which takes place within the business such as communication between different departments of the business or communication between members of staff. Ways of internal communication are: oral, phones, message
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• Talking face to face with another person, such as an employee telling a customer where they can find a specific product.

• Leaving messages on voicemails.

• Communicating over the telephone such as phoning a supplier to order more stock.

• Having a meeting with employees, or maybe giving a presentation in a meeting, this can also be linked to electronic communication as PowerPoint can be used. Although a presentation is generally used in a meeting between departments.

External Communication outside of Sainsbury's:

Written communication:

• An e-mail or letter sent to a specific person

• Financial documents

• A fax

Oral Communication:

• A conversation over the telephone

• Having a meeting or giving a presentation

• Talking face to face

The advantages and disadvantages of written communication:

Written e-mails:

This has the advantage of being fast, private, and cannot be changed by anyone than the sender. The problems being accounts can be hacked, wrong e-mail addresses can be typed, or people might forget their passwords.

E-mail attachments:

The advantages are, quick to send, can be saved for later use, can have complex diagrams sent quickly. The disadvantage being

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