College Sports Essay

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Deep into the nineteenth century, the United States of America industrialized rapidly. Because of this, American institutions diffused through competitive values of the marketplace. This ruthless environment attacked amateurism in American schools which was vital in collegiate sports. In 1905, The National Collegiate Athletic Association was created, which by this time, professionalism had flourished uncontrollably. As years went on, the “myth” of amateurism rose. This myth was created by the NCAA and quickly demoralized the American education. For my paper, I will support my argument by using former student-athletes Ellen J. Staurowsky and Allen Sack, who make an argument of their own in their book titled, College Athletes for Hire: The …show more content…
To begin with, an argument can be made that the educational model of college sports is defined by the amatuer model. Students who don’t depend on a college sport to support their expenses to live usually have more flexibility to concentrate on their education. Sack and Staurowsky both clarify the word “commercialism” to explain how colleges have moved away from amateurism to take advantage of attracting sports revenue and spectators. The quality of sport entertainment product is generally enhanced by offering athletes financial aid or scholarships. However, commercial college sports can be done with them. For example, Ivy League schools collect revenue from tickets, sponsorships, and media broadcast(5). In British colleges, the influence of amateurism seemed unmistakable. An author of a report from 1927 from the Carnegie Foundation proclaim that British schools were mostly balanced between athletics and education. The author, Howards Savage reported that the aim of English education is to turn out “all round-round men, who may or may not be scholars, who can play games, but not too well, and who are not one-sided”(78). Colleges in Britain wouldn’t consider subsidizing students on the basis of their athletic ability. In conclusion to British Universities, most students who attended Oxford or Cambridge to specifically play sports usually

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