Essay on CIOs and Technology

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CIO’s are nowadays becoming more important then ever. IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and most businesses in order to remain competitive are highly dependent on IT infrastructure and decisions giving from CIO’s. Therefore decision making at the right time is one of the most proficient adjectives that characterize a successful CIO. Nowadays there are many CIO;s who openly discuss their ideas in order to shape future leaders opinions. They openly talk about the challenges they faced and encountered throughout their career period. But at the same time we already said the IT is one of the fastest growing industries, so are those experiences in the past even relevant today? Are they applicable? This essay will try to …show more content…
In my opinion great CIO’s are straightforward, honest, realistic and positive. These adjectives describe a 21st Century IT leader in a successful organization. We live in an era where technology is not a taboo anymore but a lifestyle and we use it always. Literally always if we take our smartphones to consideration because the first thing we do in the morning is to check our smartphone and the last thing we go to bed is also play on our smartphone. Therefore great CIO’s are more oriented towards customers, customers and customers rather then diminishing costs. Because if your product is not desirable you cannot push for low production costs because eventually the company will collapse or bankrupt.
“The gap between business people and IT professionals is disappearing which reformulates how business and technology can work best together to deliver innovative solutions to real business challenges, (Garvin)”. Chief Information Officers are constantly facing challenges of the rapidly emerging and fast changing technologies, security threats, lack of innovative workers and etc. Plus there is always a threat that a big company will take the best assets from a small company meaning their best skilled workers.

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