Christianization among Native Americans Essay examples

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Wrong actions can affect your surroundings negatively, and can clearly have profound effects on people, animals, or nature. One of the examples that have led to the destruction of culture and nature is colonization. Colonization is the mistreatment of a weak country by a powerful country, moving their people into the territory of interest, and exercising power to rule over the people, and the land. Some of the colonization that took place ended up eradicating people’s spiritual and religious beliefs and replacing it with theirs. Rather than destroying other peoples’ beliefs, the colonizers should have practiced spiritual syncretism. Spiritual Syncretism, also known as spiritual hybridity, is the cultural mixing of spiritual and religious …show more content…
As early European colonizers began encroaching on Native American lands a conflict arose. Europeans believed that the Native American’s land was unoccupied because they were viewed as “savages,” a subhuman demarcation. As a result of this demarcation, there was no perceived settlement in the area as a result of this demarcation and a lack of traditional western evidence of settlement. (Zylstra, “Colonization of History”,

Most of the Europeans hated and feared the natives. They thought of them as people who stood in the way of progress and civilization. The colonialists believed that the natives deserved to be civilized and Christianized as a “white man” and those who refused were forced away from the territory. The Europeans Colonizers went to extremes to get what they wanted. They infected the natives with diseases such as smallpox, which killed most of them. The natives were also captured, enslaved, and forced to convert their religions.
Before the Europeans colonized the Indigenous Native Americans, the Native American society had diverse culture and language. The Europeans ignored the fact that the natives used to be a diverse culture and called all of them Indian. In the online textbook Digital History under section “European Perception” The author talks about how Europeans viewed Native Americans.
The term Indian was a European-imposed concept. There was not a single

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