Children Safeguarding Essay

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The essay will highlight on a case study regarding children safeguarding and the legislation with the policies that govern them. It will look into the concept of risk and abuse that young children face in their everyday life .It will base on how professionals and multi agencies work together with parents to resolve problems and the potential risk practitioners face when assessing scenario using professional judgement. The multi agencies that involves are police, teachers, children doctors, health visitors, school nurses, GP’s, social workers, family and children when there is a case like abuse or suspect of significant harm of a child. The case study talks about a child called Amie who is exposed to abuse such as physical abuse, …show more content…
Every child and young people has to reach the five outcomes that are the basic key for wellbeing in their life. The five outcomes consist of being health, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making appositive contribution and achieving economic wellbeing (Department of Education 2013). Amie’s developmental needs are affected such as her education, health, family relationship, identity and the environment in which she lives can affect her wellbeing. Amie identity can also affect her wellbeing by isolating herself from her own family who are responsible for her needs due to the nature of treatment the parents give her. Amie is highly exposed to emotional abuse from her parent, such as sly, snitch, cunning and using implement like shoes hitting her and the other siblings, which indicate a significant physical abuse. The child is at risk of significant harms because both parents admitted to themselves that they are fed up with her and the other siblings and hit them often. Under the section 31 (9) of the children act 1983, harm is defined as ill treatment or impairment of health or development (NSPCC 2011). One in 20 children under 11 experienced neglect at some point in their life whiles one in 30 children are strictly exposed to neglect.

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