Importance Of Assessment In Social Work

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Assessment in social work is a crucial tool that social workers use to obtain and analyse information from the service user or anyone integral to the care and wellbeing of the service user. Social workers must do this in order to identify and respond to risk, and also to determine the wants and needs of the individual and their care givers. As a social worker undertaking assessments you should always be self-aware and take into account the diversity of each individual. There is a vast spectrum of different assessments used within social work. The importance of effective and comprehensive assessment with children and families has been emphasized since the tragic death of Victoria Climbié on 25 February 2000 ( The government announced the “first "tripartate" inquiry into child abuse, investigating the role of social services, the NHS and the police, under the Children 's Act, NHS Act and Police Act”. ( Reports into the Climbié case by (laming,2003), (Laming 2009) and (Munroe, 2011) reinforce the importance of assessment. …show more content…
This is to ensure that as a social worker you are in receipt of all the information and facts. This will promote confidence in ability and enable you to query opinions and decisions of other professionals. “ In making these assessments, social workers should have the confidence to question other agencies and their involvement or conclusions”. (Parker and Bradley,

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