Causes of the Cold War Essay examples

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In this essay I would like to highlight my understanding for the causes of the cold war. In fact, "the cold war" called in that name because of the struggle which is followed the World War II between superpowers: US & USSR. Both of sides work hard to widen their potency and narrowed the conflict, but it found overlap in it, which raise the stress and the struggle. The struggle lengthened from the end of the of second world war, middle of 1940s to the end of 1980s in 20th century, and the result was USSR collapsed in 1991, end of the cold war. The aim of this essay is to draw the attention to the people who don't aware that the fundamental cause of the cold war was a clash of ideologies between the superpowers, because of increased the …show more content…
The question is why the conflict was initiated, and who the inciter or aggressor was actively since the pressure between the United States and the USSR that became known as the Cold War. The Cold War between the superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union was a clash of ideologies. The touch between the two developed on many occasions as either side attempted to expand their fields of influence in politics, geographical surrounding, and space. Continued the clashes between the US and Soviet Union began to tense their relations during this decade. Meanwhile, the aggressive on both sides lead to the Cold War; America was in power economically and militarily. This allowed them to be tough with the Russians, that is making more doubt against America. United States in a large extent is to blame for the outbreak of the Cold War. Relations between the two powers got worse during and after World War II, and American hostility is to blame. Each side claims that the other was the true aggressor, and that they were only defending their respective national security interests from the instigator's hostile. Western countries wanted the liberated states of Eastern Europe to be ruled with a democratic government and a capitalist economy. On the other hand, Stalin felt entitled to rule the Eastern European countries it occupied in World War II. Stalin wanted these countries to be used as a buffer to protect USSR boarders. Communist governments in

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