Essay about Callaway Nuclear Plant

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A realistic evaluation of preparedness operations and evacuation planning for a nuclear accident in the United States was a purely hypothetical discussion until March 28th, 1979 when the Three Mile Island (TMI) Power plant in Pennsylvania experienced a partial meltdown of its reactor core. That accident led to an overhaul of the responsibilities of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), charged with oversight of the industry (NRC, 2009), of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) tasked with off-site response issues, as well as leading to important changes in how the nation prepares for and plans for the potentially catastrophic events caused by an accidental radiation release. Prior to TMI, emergency preparedness and …show more content…
more will evacuate than officially recommended) and they will travel greater distances to escape a nuclear threat than from other hazards (Zeigler and Johnson, 1984). Those evacuation behaviors will greatly impact evacuation planning and scheduling in the event of a nuclear accident at the Callaway Nuclear Plant. Ultimately, the responsibility to protect citizens from hazards of any kind falls on local government and its local officials. Due to the fear level associated with nuclear accidents (fear of the unknown, especially) and the extreme health hazards they can present, local authorities must increase planning, preparedness and response efforts to lessen their impact on the surrounding populace (Cutter and Barnes, 1982). To that end, the NRC and FEMA provide invaluable support in planning and preparedness to the county of Callaway MO and surrounding towns such as Fulton. Using that guidance and support, along with strict adherence to legal regulations for nuclear accidents and implementing the recommendations gained though disaster research, the local government will be better equipped to protect citizens should a nuclear accident occur. A strong educational program for the residents of Callaway County is the first step toward having a prepared citizenry in the event of an accident at the Callaway Nuclear Plant. Many lay people do not understand nuclear power which leads to unrealistic fears about the dangers of a radiological leak

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