Business from a Confucious Stand Point: Chou’s Business Platform

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Through Sinyi Real Estate’s innovative “people centered” business approach, founder Chun-Chi Chou created a stable business environment emphasizing employees and customers as the backbone of his corporate structure. Chou’s business platform focused mainly on how to create value for customers by training employees to treat customers with the highest regard. Examining the Ethical Culture Building report published by the Ethics Resource Center, “a leader’s ability to consistently promote ethical conduct in an organization is critical to ensuring that employees understand how to make ‘doing what is right’ a priority” (Ethics Resource Center, 2006). Chou exhibited his leadership qualities and orchestrated this approach to differentiate his …show more content…
They would suggest that Sinyi did not invoke its corporation to take part in such corporate social responsibility, “CSR”, because Sinyi relied on its exceptional treatment of society for profit maximization. Sinyi Real Estate’s ethical culture put societies needs at the center of their business rather than putting the stakeholders at the “periphery” to achieve value creation.
Sinyi would take multiple approaches in structuring the company’s employees in a manner that was consistent within the Sinyi business model. Chou put into place a team centered reward system, a recruiting system to brand their employees, incentivized ethical corporate behavior and established a “four guarantee” system to customers to achieve his goal of becoming a co-prospering business. Sinyi’s employee development stemmed from Chou’s innovative recruiting process, which emphasized developing recent undergraduates with no previous real estate industry experience whom would accept Sinyi’s real estate corporate culture. Within this employee structure, Chou implemented a team centered reward system, putting an emphasis on higher salaries but lower bonuses, “We are merely removing the high pressure to perform from an individual, hence reducing the risk for our employees

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