Why Is The Knossos Palace Laid Out In A Rather Irregular Form?

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Dakota McNany

3. Short Answer Questions (10 points each, 20 points total). Choose two out of four. It is expected the length of the text for each question is about 150-200 words, single spaced.

D. Why is the Knossos Palace laid out in a rather irregular form?

The largest Minoan site, The palace and labyrinth at Knossos, is also perhaps the most widely known Minoan site throughout the world. Directly under this site are the remains of Neolithic settlements. These ancient remains had been under the site for thousands of years. The settlements were detached structures that made the shape of a large rectangular court. Around 1700 BC an earthquake demolished these settlements, so the new complex was reconstructed with a more unified arrangement. Every level of Knossos signified a specific purpose. For instance, ritual rooms, ceremonial rooms, living corridors, multiple staircases leading to different rooms, and the courtyard. Unfortunately, about 1450 BC Knossos was destroyed again; Knossos was the only settlement rebuilt. Early forms of Greek writings and even traces of Mycenaean cultural influences were discovered in the rebuilt palace. This could mean a possible alliance of the Cretan at Knossos and the Mycenaean. However, after an intensive study, the exact function of Knossos is still unknown to this day.
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Based on class discussion, the textbook, and the movies we watched, compare and contrast the great pyramids at Giza and the Stonehenge near Salisbury, focusing on their architectural form, technology, and cultural implications. Substantiate your discussion in specific

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