Burnout After Downsizing Essay

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I work for a company that collects performance music royalties domestically and internationally and pays those royalties out to the songwriters and their publishers. I work on the operations floor in a small internationally focused department. Operations also includes: a cue sheet processing department, performance identification, document imaging, and works registration. A couple of years ago my company downsized by using a combination of early retirement and layoffs. The email that was sent out by our CEO was interpreted by the majority of employees to imply that if you were offered early retirement and chose not to take it, that you would most likely be laid off. In response, nearly everyone given the option of early
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Every department in the company has its own computer systems and databases to work out of. These systems are not connected and don’t allow for employees to see useful information throughout the company without asking for special permission from the department that the program was designed for. Often times, our process for fixing information is to send emails to multiple departments in the hopes that the issue might fall under their computer program and their job description. Tasks that could be automated are done manually. Some people are required to send questions intended for other departments, through their managers. Everything is separate and inefficient. The company is in the process of fixing this by building a new enterprise system. This is the most important change the company has taken on recently. Many people actually cite our lack of technologically efficient systems as their number one reason for looking for jobs outside of the company. They see themselves doing manual work that could be automated and after years of hearing employees voice these complaints, the company is just now starting to attempt the project.
My company knows that turnover is increasing, job satisfaction is decreasing, morale is low, and commitment is low, however, they are not aware of what is causing it. I believe that the cause of all of these issues could be burnout and my company could benefit from understanding how burnout became so widespread.
Burnout is a form

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