Blake's View on Oppression of Children by Adults Essay

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Blake's View on Oppression of Children by Adults

Blake was a poet who wrote in the Romantic period. He had idealistic views about life, and believed that the traditional country way of life was the best way to live. He despised the industry that was establishing itself in England because it was the opposite of the ideal country lifestyle that Blake idealised. The idea that Blake believed that children were oppressed is an interesting one, because, there are a number of poems which suggest different ideas about this topic. The poems that I will be using to address this issue are ‘The
Echoing Green,’ ‘Nurses Song,’ from innocence and the ‘Nurses Song,’ from experience.

‘The Echoing green,’ is quite a positive poem. The image
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Straight away Blake sets the positive tone of the poem, with an image of happiness.

‘And laughing is heard on the hill,’

This image of happiness establishes the tone, and, also gives the impression that the children in the poem aren’t oppressed by adults.
When the nurse calls the children back from playing on the hill she refers to them as ‘my children.’ This is quite a loving and affectionate phrase which doesn’t suggest that the children in this poem are oppressed.

This is further confirmed when the children say, ‘No, no let us play, for it is yet day,’ and the nurse replies ‘Well, well go and play.’
Again this shows that the nurse in kind giving and tender, and as she has let the children have what they wanted, which was to go and play, doesn’t suggest that she is an oppressive adult. The fact that the children don’t want to come in from play could show that the children want to delay the troubles and responsibility of old age by playing for longer. The significance of the nurse letting them play shows that she understands that they must be able to have fun and be free from responsibility before it is too late, this doesn’t suggest that Blake feels that children are oppressed.

The two poems that I have examined so far haven’t displayed any evidence for the view that Blake feels that children are oppressed.
‘Nurses Song,’ and ‘The Echoing Green,’ were both taken from innocence, the second

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