B F Goodrich Brakes Case Study Essay

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Question 1- Were any moral issues involved in Mr. Vandivier’s decision to write up the final qualifying report? Explain. Prior to February 1990, there lacked a single governing body in which Department of Defense (DOD) would issue contracts. (1st ethical issue, page 14) At that time, each individual agency would oversee its own contract issuance. In the 1960’s, the Contract Administration Services, a department within the DOD, was examined for the possibility of consolidating the contract administrating processes. Project 60 as it was called, showed many benefits to consolidation but several agencies retained oversight of contract assignments. This kind of systemic issue would have lead to questions of the morality and legality of …show more content…
It is morally wrong for a person in Mr. Vandivier’s position to falsify a report that could result in serious injuries or even death to another person. (Serious injuries, 1st ethical standard page 9) Mr. Vandivier and all others involved with the cover up had no remorse for the well being of the pilots or anyone else that would be injured or killed when the brakes failed. To the company, this would be of little concern over the possibility of future losses. The employees involved were only concerned with self fulfillment. (Self-interest, 2nd ethical standard page 9) As a result of this scandal, no personnel involved would reap personal gain from the cover-up, and as concluded in an Engineering.com article dated October 13th, 2006, “no one lost his job because of the incident.” This should call into question just how serious did BFG take the matter? Just because no one actually got hurt or lost their lives, no one involved lost their job? This leads to the third issue, not established by law or legislature. (3rd ethical standard page 10) As covered in the engineering.con article, Mr. Vandivier “did not even complete his high school education.” With only second hand information and not having a technical know-how, why was he in charge of the final report? Shouldn’t there be some oversight as to who can and should be writing

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