Atoms for Kids Essay

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The atom, the basic building block of matter, consists of a core nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons. Inside the atom nucleus contains a mixture of positively charged protons, and electrically neutral neutrons. All atomic electrons bind to the nucleus through electromagnetic force. A ground of electrons bound together will form individual molecules. An atom with an equal number of protons and electrons will hold neutral. An ion has positive or negative charge, either through a lack of electrons or an electron excess. The number of protons determines the formation of chemical elements, while as the number of neutrons determines the element's isotope. Most of the atom's mass has a concentration compacted within its nucleus; …show more content…
An electron will hold a greater attractive force if closer to the nucleus.consists of electromagnetic force that binds electrons to protons inside an electrostatic well, which surrounds the nucleus. An electron will hold a greater attractive force if closer to the nucleus.

Matter comes in a variety of states, including solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas. These states of matter consist of atomic quantities that depend on temperature and pressure. Some states can have several different phases. For instance, solid carbon can have a formation of either graphite or diamond. Other extreme conditions, such as absolute zero, will cause atoms to react differently, thus creating observable behavior needed for exploration on the quantum mechanical level. Matter represents the observable and non-observable world around us, and without it the physical manifestations around us would simply not exist.

Atoms and molecules are the building blocks that create the necessary states of matter that allow life to function. In fact, atoms and molecules make up everything around us, including our own bodies. The subatomic particles of an atom allow the universe to evolve ad infinitum. The spinning and binding of atoms to create elements that react with other elements are the primary cause of an ever-evolving universe with ecosystems, populations, biospheres, planets,

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