Assisted Suicide: Mercy or Murder? Essay

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“If you truly believe in the value of life, you care about all of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society.” This thought-provoking quote by Joni Eareckson Tada conveys a sense of obligation held by society to take up the roles of caretakers for the ones that cannot aid their own health. In the relativity of physician-assisted suicide, the word “care” in the previous statement is defined by helping those in need, in this case, pertaining to health issues with a potentially terminal outcome. When analyzing this controversial subject, one must consider all aspects of the medical context as well as the ethical conviction that pairs with it. Should terminally ill patients have the right to a physician-assisted suicide simply to …show more content…
The more disputed topic is one of active euthanasia in the medical field. This term provides a choice for those who seem to be in the appropriate state of mind to end their life with the assistance of a physician. Circumstances such as these attract an immense amount of opinions. A majority of the responses taken from medical personnel express how this approach would conclusively interfere with their desire to cure or ease the physical pain upon patients, and “they could never accept the idea of being both a healer and a killer.” (Gay 36). Medics feel compelled to save lives as much as their Earthly ability allows, not compromise duties for “compassion.” Although the request of the patient may be to die, physicians claim this would disrupt a moral and ethical code. Furthermore, past the point of rescuing the ill, physicians and doctors hold a service to provide a easiness towards the end of one’s life. Christine K. Cassel explains that advanced technology provided an advancement in modern medicine that was so ingenious in saving lives that we forgot the traditional role of offering convenience at the end of life (Balkin). As much as life, the contrast of death is a natural process. As a natural process, it must be let alone to complete its natural cycle. All experiences with death are different, however, all episodes inevitably occur. With this knowledge, a portion

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