Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Over the past decade, educational institutions have increasingly offered online, web-based courses. While there has been a great deal of research comparing the effectiveness of online and traditional courses (Young, 2006), there has been less research on how to use instructional design strategies to increase student engagement, student satisfaction, and achievement in online courses (Gunter, 2007). Research has shown that instructional immediacy can increase cognition and student success (LaRose & Whitten, 2000).
Educators teaching online have turned to various technologies to improve student-to-instructor interactions. Personal response systems, teleconferencing tools, and computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL)
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Goals are represented by mathematical logical language and the AI acts by deducing which actions are appropriate for achieving its goals (McCarthy, 2007). Search AI programs study large numbers of possibilities. A chess playing computer is an example of a search AI program. There are pattern recognition AI programs. These types of AI programs are programmed to compare what it sees with a pattern. There are AI programs that can plan or learn from experience (McCarthy, 2007). These examples of various AI program types are not exhaustive.
A number of individuals and organizations have created AI programs specifically for educational use. Tutorial and language AI programs are popular in education. In particular, there has been several studies regarding the use of typed versus spoken tutorial agents. The military also uses artificial intelligence systems to train soldiers. While this use is not a traditional university type educational use, it could be argued that it is educational. The following section will describe selected studies.
Intelligent tutoring systems have been a popular area of study. Aleven, McLaren, Roll, and Koedinger (2005) developed an intelligent tutoring system to test the hypothesis that meta-cognitive tutoring can help students become better learners. They developed a Help Tutor agent that can be added to existing Cognitive tutors. The Help Tutor agent provided feedback based on students’ help-seeking

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