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Dutch was first back and stood down his security detail as the others arrived. He called General West to notify him of the rescue as well as details of the unexpected Plus representatives.
Jenny checked the sat date, 9 August 2068. It was three days after the attack on the Mountain.
“Additional transport will arrive in a few minutes,” Dutch informed the major.
“Master Gunnery Sergeant, I have a mission for you,” Jenny said leading him outside to finish her request.
“I’ll get that taken care of right away, Ma’am,” he said as their transport arrived. The only visible signs of the attack were work crews fixing the road and the entrance to the CMAFB.
John noticed several of the Plus team looking out the darkened windows of their
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“Of course,” the general said and left the team with Dutch.
“Who knows I’m here?” John asked Jenny who just shrugged her shoulders at him. John looked to the marine, “Dutch?”
“Sorry Captain, I’ve got orders,” he said with a wide grin. “Let get these guys taken care of. We have a couple hours until noon. Major, temporary billets will be ready shortly for you team do you require anything?”
“We’re fine Master Guns, we’ll be ready for the noon briefing, thanks,” he replied.
Jenny gave the Plus team a quick tour of the lab and TR lockup protocols. When they had finished, Dutch escorted them to their temporary quarters.
“I guess I better check in with the SECDEF. I’ll see you at noon,” Jenny said.
“Yeah, see you there,” John said. She left him alone outside the lab.

The ten-minute walk to John’s quarters was relaxing; he even felt he belonged here. As he opened his door, John was met by a large furry mass leaping into his arms. “Angstrom ‘ol buddy! How’d you get here?” John asked that cat, but only purring answered. “You’re fat, you old man. Get down now.” John saw a green envelop on his desk, inscribed with handwritten cursive ‘Dr. Jonathon E. Mackinac’. It was a letter from Mrs. Sitzer. She had to have a hip replacement earlier than she expected. She had called the number he left for her and the nice people took care of everything. She

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