Are Advancements in Technology Good or Bad? Essays

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Today the world revolves around different kinds of technology that are used for many things, some are necessary and some are not. Technology is a big part of our lives, and many would say we couldn’t live without it. Weather people like it or not technology is here, and it’s not going away. But a big question is; Is technology good or bad? Advancements in technology are bad For many reasons. Some are anyone who has a laptop can find someones personal information, people don’t get as much face to face interaction because they are always talking on the internet, and kids aren’t using proper grammar online, so they are losing their writing skills. One important reason that advancements in technology are bad is Personal identifying …show more content…
“Kids don’t know how to interact with others when they meet them in-person or what gesture they should carry.” This is because they are spending so much time on the internet that they are forgetting how to talk to people when they see them. Technology these days is so fast, that kids get frustrated when it takes more than a second to load. Kids aren’t as patient as they should be. “Technology has sidelined ‘patience’ from our lives”. This is because technology is usually very fast, so people get used to not having to wait. Kids can be so impatient that they get anxious when something takes a millisecond longer to load, and it shouldn’t be this way.

The most important reason advancements in technology are bad is kids are losing their writing skills, because they aren’t using proper grammar when they are texting. Kids need to be practicing their writing skills, but instead they are using “text talk”. “These days, children are relying more and more on digital communication that they have totally forgot about improving their writing skills.” This means kids aren’t working on improving their writing skills, because they are always on the internet. Kids don’t use any proper grammar online. Instead of saying “you” they just say “U”. Kids are relying on spell check to check their words for them. They don’t know how to write in cursive, or even how to spell words without spell check. “They don’t know the spelling of different words, how to use grammar properly or how to do

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