Analyzing the Treaty of Versailles Essay

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The first agonizing world war was fought between the Allied Powers and the Central powers, and lasted four years. The war finally ended with the Treaty of Versailles. According to Discover Diplomacy, a treaty is a formal, written agreement between sovereign states or between states and international organizations. The treaty was signed in Versailles Palace, France, giving the treaty its name. It was written by the Allied Powers: Great Britain, France, The United States, and Italy. The four countries negotiated the treaty, to some might think was fair, or unfair, to Germany, whom which was part of the Central Powers. Along with Germany, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria were part of the Central Powers. …show more content…
Although all of his Fourteen Points are critical, the fourteenth point was the most significant. In Woodrow Wilson’s speech, he states that the fourteenth point consists of “A general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.” From the fourteenth point, a League of Nations was formed. Many of the leading European nations joined the League, but the League was assailed by the Republicans of the United States Senate. The League of Nations was also formed to avoid eventual wars with a structure of security. To President Wilson, the League of Nations was the focal point of his position as president, although the United States never joined. President Wilson wanted the League of Nations to be the dominant plan for the Treaty of Versailles, but was unsuccessful (Wilson’s 14 Points–Analysis 1).
In addition, France wanted Germany to receive more than punishment. France desired revenge on Germany. The French were the most affected on the Allied Powers because their country is where most of the battling took place (Lintner 1). France had the highest number of casualties: 1,400,000 million killed, and 2,500,000 injured. Since numerous amounts of people died and were wounded, Georges Clemenceau thought it was necessary for France to

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