Analysis of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Essay

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Analysis of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Silent Spring is a novel written by a woman named Rachel Carson, which was published in 1962. With advance sales of 40 000 copies the book went on to be recognised in 1992 as the most influential book of the last 50 years, and was held in much the same respect and admiration as great works such as Karl Marx's 'Das Capital and Charles Darwin's 'The
Origin of Species'.

About the book

The book takes an in depth look at the hazardous and detrimental consequences of the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides in not only agriculture, but in other activities particularly leisure. It looks in detail at the effects on soil, rivers, wildlife and humans.
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Carson's life was not however totally successful as she suffered consecutive emotional and family difficulties. Her father died in 1935 leaving Rachel to support her mother and the following year her sister died leaving her two daughters dependant on Rachel. In addition to other health problems she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1960 and died as a result two years after the publication of Silent Spring, in


Rachel Carson began investigating the subject of pesticides by contacting scientists from across the field, including biologists, chemists and geneticists. Her book was based on and created from the feedback she received from these people. Naturally as a result and being a scientist herself the main approach in the book was scientific. ====================================================================

A lot of the terminology used is science based. Indeed a lot of the analysis consists of chemical formulas and reactions. In addition the book describes ecological process in detail alongside the main argument about chemicals. Carson takes a scientific approach in describing the inter-relationships between plants and animals and the environment. Indeed many believe that Carson was the first to use and describe the term 'ecosystem'.

Context and Background

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