Amnesia of a Dreamer Essay

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I thought you knew that already when you agreed to being subjected to it. Do you understand now?”
“Y-yes I do. But what about you’re other patients? If you have any, I forgot if you told me.”
“Yes I do have other people I see and they too are fine. So far I haven’t come across any negative side effects that you need to worry about and each person I see continues to come back for more insight into their dreams. I, again, assure you that if I knew there was a downside to my work, except for the unknown, I would have told you. I learned to be honest back in the day and so far that honesty has followed me up till now.” His words rushed through his mouth and Marquis could taste the bitterness of his lie, and the nervousness that came with the
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He knew that somewhere in his memory banks the dream was alive and kicking, waiting for him to put it to rest.

Ticking could be heard in the distance as shadows continued to pass along the carpet, elongating to impossible lengths until Gavin watched them vanish from sight. The air was tight, suffocating almost with the feeling of hate mixed with anticipation. Something or someone who had a twisted mind was certainly in the room. Like all dreams, reality was disfigured. Gavin stood alone in a almost pitch black room that stretched on for miles, and above him appeared to be a crystal chandelier. Even in the gloom he could still make out the fine craftsmanship that made such a beautiful structure possible. He looked down form the ceiling and noticed that far off in the distance a small, low built structure rose up from the ground. In some respects it looked like a bed but with the swirling shadows combined with how far away it really was, Gavin couldn’t be sure about anything except that the room appeared to look like a hotel room. The size of the walls seemed to dwarf him to the size of an ant but yet he felt as if he wasn’t standing in a huge expanse. He started his journey further into the gloom and towards the object, each step softly squishing into the soft carpet beneath his feet. Suddenly a nauseating aroma of a woman’s perfume swept

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