Essay Advertising and Breast Augmentation

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Advertising and Breast Augmentation

Why do we advertise products? What are the implications of these advertisements? How do advertisements further impact our society and culture? These are all very important questions to look at when discussing the motivation, success or failure and ultimately the impact of advertising. How does advertising affect our images of ourselves, and what we are ideally supposed to be? In trying to produce stimulating ads is the industry selling the viewers short of obtainable images? Obviously everyone is not built to be able to obtain the bodies set in the images before us, but many are willing to undergo surgical procedures to try and eventually obtain such body images.

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This is very important when looking how images within advertising will target the hopes, fears and ideals of women. Everyday women are bombarded with messages on how to be a good mother, a good spouse and still include time for herself. Most often what is expected will be presented in the package of a blonde with the dimensions of Barbie doll and the energy of five people. These are standards that the average woman is trying to live up to and achieve, but it seems we can only achieve the goal with the help of the product being advertised. For younger women in their teens it is promoted how to look older and more grown-up with sophisticated clothes and make-up. We have products that will boost your femininity through your bust size, jeans that will attract lovers, and hose that will hide your tummy better. In turn we are building a plastic society which does not accept "real" women, but instead forces them into roles of the cumulative imagination of our society. How is it that one of the most anticipated ad campaigns ever was that of the Wonderbra?

With our societal acceptance of such visual images being interpreted as "normal", it leaves very little room for women to accept ideas of their own body image. When everything that is surrounding you is telling you that you must conform to a certain weight or bust size it can be hard to fight the feelings of inadequacy. Take for example the contest of Miss

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