Essay on Acupuncture: A Treatment for Lower Back Pain

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Acupuncture: A Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain is a major health disorder in the world today (Mendelson, Selwood, Kranz, Loh, Kidson, Scott, 1983). It can cause many physical, mental, and emotional problems on the victim (Mendelson, Selwood, Kranz, Loh, Kidson, Scott, 1983). Many people find their work so unbearably painful that they often have to stay home. Others experience depression, inactivity, and social isolation (Kaplan, Sallis, Patterson). Treatments range from the conventional methods such as medication and surgery to the alternative or unconventional methods such as acupuncture. However, only a small percentage of low back pain patients have the type of condition for which surgery can be used so
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The Qi energy joins all parts and functions of the body and fights diseases and symptoms arise when the energy is blocked ( The acupoints lie on the lines of energy, and the placement of a needle in an acupoint opens these lines and restores the energy, maintaining balance and relieving symptoms. ( Acupuncture also works to stimulate and revive the immune system in order to prevent future conditions (

What claims are being made about the effectiveness of acupuncture?
Acupuncture is beginning to appeal to many people because it is an effective treatment without drugs, surgery, or harmful side effects (http://www./ Most people claim to feel incredibly relaxed and many times tired after receiving this treatment (

Three studies in particular show the effectiveness of acupuncture for lower back pain. The first is a study that was conducted by Dr. John Handy in which 19 of the 73 patients studied were treated by acupuncture for lower back pain. Twelve of the patients had more than 50% of relief from their symptoms ( In conclusion Handy found that 63% of the patients with lower back pain had "good" relief from their pain (

Another study conducted by Garvey, Marks, and Weisel (1989) involved 63 patients with chronic low back pain. They discovered a 63% improvement rate for

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