Acting as the World's Police Force is Bankrupting America Essay

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Ever since the early civilizations of the human race there has always been some type of police force seeking to maintain law and order to prevent chaos. Today in the United States the Military are working hard to defend our borders and allow us to go by our daily lives without the fear of being attacked by those who oppose what our country stands for and what we believe in. Without an armed force there would be no one to uphold the law which means people would be able to act in whatever way they please. Some people may take advantage of this freedom of doing anything they wish and may cause harm and destruction to both the nation and its people. Therefore a powerful and able military is vital to the success and prosperity of a country. The …show more content…
As was mentioned earlier, the military’s purpose is to defend a countries border’s and protect the people living within from those who would try to cause them harm. However in recent years the United States Military has been doing more than just protecting its own borders, it has been taking a more international role and has become a World Police (Gottlieb). Many argue that it is neither America’s responsibility nor is it right for America to dictate what goes on in other countries. Recently CNN had conducted a Research Poll on the American People asking the question “As a general rule, do you think the United States should be ready and willing to use military force around the world, or the United States should be very reluctant to use military force?" The results were that 34 percent of Americans said that they wanted America to be more involved in foreign affairs, while 60 percent said that America should be more concerned with national affairs and not constantly intervene in what goes on abroad (Blake, Sullivan). This conveys that the majority of the American people do not want America to be so involved with other countries when it comes to armed conflicts, which do not concern America. In another poll done by CBS/NYT they asked the public “Whether the United States should seek to remove dictators

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