Abortion Should Remain Legal Essay examples

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The average woman is pregnant for 38 weeks. However, what if a woman decides she no longer wants to follow through with her pregnancy? If a woman chooses to no longer be pregnant; abortion has become a popular way to terminate a pregnancy. There can be many reasons as to why a woman might have an abortion. It may be due to an unwanted pregnancy, health issues with the mother that will cause her sickness throughout the pregnancy, inability to care for a child, ectopic pregnancy, and even awareness of life threatening illnesses that will not allow the baby to live outside of the womb. Abortion has been a controversial subject for decades. Not only has abortion been controversial in the United States, but it has been an issue around the …show more content…
Late pregnancy abortions are taboo from a medical point of view, and are not usually performed because they can cause numerous health issues such as sepsis, tearing of the uterus, incomplete extractions, and even cervical damage. While it may seem reasonable to some for abortions to take place in a hospital due to complications that can occur, abortions usually takes place at an abortion clinic as an outpatient procedure. Abortions usually take place under a few hours, and the patient may be sent home that day depending upon how the health of the patient is after the procedure. According to the National Abortion Federation, abortions have been performed for over a thousand years, and were made legal in the United States during the time the early settlers arrived in America. Soon after, abortions became illegal in the 1800's due to complications that occurred during the procedure. After much time passed, abortion became legal once again on January 22, 1973 due to the privacy act in the U.S constitution. Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, 50 million abortions have been performed in the U.S. And according to prolifeaction.org, an informational website on abortion, over 3,322 abortions occur each day. With all of this being said, some people may wonder what age bracket abortions are occurring most in. In fact, according to a recent study that took place in 2011 from Guttmacher Institute, women among the ages of 20-24 are having abortions the most.

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