Abortion Kills Babies Essay

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Babies die every day from the choice of an abortion. People use abortion as an option because they have the fear that their family and friends will judge them by their mistakes. Minors are usually the ones who use abortion as their first choice, they try to get out of major consequences. Along with minors, adults use abortion as an early choice also. People believe abortion is an easy way out, but what they should know is that it is nothing but murder. Every day minors, adults, students, and even parents make the wrong decision with using abortion. They don’t see how much it affects not only the fetus but also the mother. We all make mistakes and because of a choice that was thought logically incorrect, a child could be in danger and have …show more content…
Excessive bleeding, infections and many other problems can occur from an abortion, and a 15 or 17 year old may have confusion, and choose abortion as an easy way out. Just because a teenager makes the mistake of getting pregnant at a young age, the life of a new born child may have to suffer the consequence. Teenagers must understand the fact that life has struggles and with those struggles they will have to do things that they won’t ever imagine themselves doing.
There are many different forms of abortion, the most common kind is taken place during the first trimester. During that early term of abortion the doctors will inject a fluid that will kill the fetus but not hurt the mother. The fetus is then killed and the placenta, along with the fetus is taken out of the mothers’ womb. Even though the fetus is not fully developed into a baby it still feels what all is happening. People think that just because it is not fully developed it won’t understand or it can’t feel, but in reality that fetus can feel and it may not understand but it’s still growing. A fetus in the womb begins to develop small characteristics as soon as it is conceived.
It may not automatically have finger nails or know what exactly is happening, but within the first two weeks the fetus is gaining all of its qualities. It begins to develop those qualities and slowly begins to look more like a baby. The fetus also feels a closer

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