A O Neville Essay

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Does the movie present Mr. A. O. Neville as a liberator or as a jailer?
The Australian movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” presents a sensational story about three half-caste young girls who escape from the settlement Moore River where in which they were abducted and taken to. The movie reveals the racism that took place between white Australians and Australia’s Aboriginal people. The movie clearly portrays Mr. A O Neville as a racial activist. Mr. A O Neville did what we thought was right. He did what the law said and carried it out the best he could. It can be said that Neville tried his best to improve the conditions in which the people lived, but there is clear evidence that he never tried to improve anything. Neville always put himself, the
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This included speaking English and following Christianity. His actions were a product of these principles during this time, and he thought his approach was right. The Aboriginal Act gave white authorities a lot of control over the Aboriginal people. We see this first hand in the beginning scenes, where the three girls are abducted by the white policeman. Neville cannot be blamed for entirely for these confrontations, because he is just the man behind the desk carrying out what the law states.
The way the movie is portrayed, Neville is a really bad person. He is the reason why these girls are suffering. He is the reason why children will never see their families again. Neville is depicted as the non violent Hitler of the Aboriginal people. The only aspect that Neville cared about was to merge the Aboriginal people into white community. He wanted Australia to eventually forget that the Aboriginal people existed all together. “Are we to allow the creation of a third unwanted race?” (Neville) Neville was clearly a racist in the movie. The selection criteria were solely based on race and age. Neville preferred girls, and the race obviously had to be half-caste in order to be stolen from your family. The government claimed the children were being taken because of parental neglect, but this wasn’t the case. Neville was very much aware that his policy was causing great suffering among the families and people who were affected by children being taken. “If

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